1. gabywinchester said: Would you like to fuck me someday?

    I did already

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  2. laglamorousvita:

Get a little closer and bend over you bitch. 


    Get a little closer and bend over you bitch. 

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  3. gabywinchester said: Why do you love sasha grey so fucking much?

    I do love sasha grey because she is the sex made woman

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  4. Uh, you bad kitty

    Uh, you bad kitty

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  5. happyodd said: So you made a post with a girl with dyed hair and the comment you left was "WHOSE THAT GIRL ?" Well it turns out that I know her in real life and I'm only a little shocked to see her on your page. Her porn name is Aria Rae and she has a tumblr page so you can google that shit...good luck and have fun

    Damn I did not know

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  6. Please listen to this great song for our beloved sasha grey

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  7. Anonymous said: Hey we wrote a new song dedicated to sasha grey, we'd love it if you would take a listen and post: soundclouddotcom/lonesome-moses/sasha-grey

    sure dude ajajaj I’ll post it

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  9. dollsex:

<3 ;3



    <3 ;3


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